• Bee was born in Baden, in German-speaking Switzerland, in 1940. He studied anatomy, art, painting and sculpture at the Kunstgewerbe Schule (he was awarded a scholarship) with the professors Teo Eble and Walter Bodmer, who were followers of Kandinsky and Klee at the Bauhaus. At the same time he attended the University of Basil, where he studied existentialist philosophy with Karl Yaspers and history of medieval art with professor Schmidt, the director of the Kunst Museum.

    He studied anthroposophy at the Göthenaum in Dornach. In the meantime, he traveled around Europe, studying different subjects. He pursued his studies at the Frei Universität of Berlin and at the Hoschschule für Bildente Kunst, studying sculpture with Bernard Heiliger. He was awarded a scholarship by the Staatliche Kunst-gesellschaft. He worked as a scenographer at the Staatliche Oper of Berlin. He frequented Berlin’s intelligentsia, meeting personalities such as Klaus Kinski and Herbert Von Karajan (whom he portrayed) as well as others. In India he met an adviser of Mahatma Gandhi’s, professor Wernen Zimmerman, who introduced him to depth meditation and to naturist medicine. On his innumerable trips he met personages such as Jean Paul Sartre, Simon De Bouvoir, Jean Cocteau, Picasso, Chagall, Giacometti, Taisen Suzuki, Erich Fromm, Jean Tinguely and others.

    During his trips to India, the Far and the Middle East, he studied Hindu mysticism, Sufism, Taoism, Hata Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, tantrism, Gñaña and Sura Yoga as well as other methods. He chose Buddhism, meeting Tibetan lamas, Theravada and Zen masters. In India he met: Kirpal Sing, Muktananda, Krishnamurti, SaiBaba, Rajneesh, Ananda Maj Ma, Karmapa, Bede Griffiths, Tat Vala Baba, Eunomio Lassal, Raimondo Panikkar, Gönke and others.

    He decided upon a path of his own, practicing and teaching his philosophy for over 25 years in various parts of the world. He then turned to the mysticism of the Byzantine tradition.

    Since 1976 he has been living a secluded lfe with his wife Kicka, an actress, musician and singer. Master Bee has given up his involvement in the international art market;in other words he has departed from the mere, banal commercial circuit. He has thus managed to dedicate himself totally to his creative energy, to art and to spirituality, but without dispersing an artistic patrimony which is unique in its genre. In fact he keeps on displaying his work all over the world with carefully chosen exhibitions. Considering Master Bee’s remarkable production of works spread throughout various countries, as well as those the author himself has kept, a specific foundation is being planned, and a monograph, the curator being the semiologist and art critic Carmelo Strano.

    The deep exploration of the interior world until the inner "being" is found is reflected and expressed in all of Master Bee’s artistic life, from his informal period to that of introspective figuration, from his psychocosmograms and theological visions to his teophanies. An example is the cosmic Christ who takes the form of emanations from the infinite, waves, vibrations... and then there is his neoiconography, which puts together Hindu, Buddhist and Christian symbols to express the Sacred which is to be found in every tradition.

    We are essentially dealing with an interreligious art which is consecrated to a mystical itinerary. Bee’s art joins the East and the West with total freedom of expression, without any conditions regarding coded structures. Bee’s art expresses the quintessence of what is sacred in all traditions, but with great, even fideist attention to the figure of Christ.