Masterbee is a unique artist of his kind who doesn't stop at the figurative arts; he is especially a master of the spirit. His art is the expression of the spiritual experience he has accumulated in his long years of research into the great Asian traditions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Masterbee has not lost his identity as a Western man, but he has integrated his spiritual and artistic experience from the East into the West. His uniqueness lies in his extraordinary ability to transform a spiritual event he acquired in Asia into a Western artistic experience. Masterbee's works are of such depth that only those who have really experimented the quintessence of the spirit are able to express it thus. Masterbee's art ranges from classic figuration to symbolic abstractness to reinvented neo-figuration, since he is the absolute leading figure of a new semantic and expressive language. Masterbee's genius is realized not only in graphics at its highest levels, but also in his represenations of the unconscious and in his insights, and in his neo-iconographic work related to Christ. A sense of sacredness pervades all thought in his art. The man-philosopher Masterbee embodies his experience in art, and he is in perfect harmony with what he expresses. He himself irradiates a charismatic light which is not only a gift but also a genuine spiritual realization.