Notes on profound prayer

(The secret of Master Bee’s prayer)

Immersing ourselves in the intimacy of our spirit through the invocation of the divine name (Jesus Mantra), psychophysical and spiritual phenomena come about that are totally different from traditional verbal prayer. A modification of the brain’s activity takes place which allows us to give ourselves up to the spiritual sphere of our being.

The immobility of our body helps us to achieve mental calm and allows the spirit of our being to become active. The result is the union of body, mind and spirit. Our psychosomatic entity is purified and consequently the state of "being" can be experimented as a feeling of spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

This, which is produced naturally by repeating the divine name with passive attention, is the natural state of our being.

In this ideal condition, our nervous and physical system is purified, toning down all our system to a minimal condition of excitement. Furthermore, the harmonization among body, mind and spirit allows the unconscious to be purified in a spontaneous and non-analytical manner.

The influence of the divine name on our being turns our conscious and unconscious awareness to redemption.

All three of the components that constitute our person (being or soul, body and spirit) reach a form of synergism with the divine name.

The power of the divine name releases its spiritual energy, it regenerates the atoms of our soul, modifying our molecular structure. Repeating the words Jesus Mantra, our cells absorb the message and its vibration. They are the first to be converted to the saving power of Christ.

The aim of profound prayer with the divine name is to make our most intimate essence available for its own beneficial transformation. In this way the purification of our spiritual awareness comes about.

From the deep of our being new perceptions emerge and the conscious sphere becomes more sensitive to the signals of the Spirit in everyday life.

Linking ourselves to our essence through the immersion into Self is the foundation of deep prayer. The Holy Spirit is drawn like a magnet to the divine name of the Redeemer and interacts, through mercy, for our redemption.

Profound prayer through the divine name cannot be confused with other methods of meditation. Despite the fact that the psychophysical symptoms are the same, the final target is the exact opposite. Self is not identified as the final goal and as synonymous to God, nor does the depersonification of the being take place. It’s the opposite. Self is purified, redeemed and reintegrated in the new man through faith.

The Path of prayer with the divine name is unique and unmistakable and results in the adoration of and communion with the divine person. Divinity itself is present in the divine name, and His person redeems us according to His Will without our knowing it.

The repetitive method is necessary to create psychic spaces and to interrupt the associative processes of thought, so as to create a harmonic flow of energy which is concentrative and restful at the same time.

The relaxation of the fields of pychosomatic energies serve to unblock centripetal energies and create centrifugal fields.

The incessant repeating of the divine name sets off psychic and spiritual reactions that are extremely positive for our purification.

Negative energies of a psychological or supernatural nature are neutralized and the access to positive energies is simplified. The divine name protects us from the infiltration of inputs of a diabolic and evil nature. Cosmic and natural energies are submitted to divine energies through the effusion of the Holy Spirit (this does not happen with other methods of depth meditation. The Hinduist mantras protect from evil influences, but they do not have the redeeming power of the divine name). Cosmic forces are left in their place and are not roused, as happens with the mantras of occult, magic, religious origins.

Profound prayer with the divine name leads the believer to operate together with the mystical-redeeming body of Christ. When we pray, the intercession of the Holy Spirit fulfils the mystic workings of our Being.

Everyone can practice Jesus Mantra, regardless of religious belief.